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Why Should I buy term insurance?

Term insurance

Why Should I buy term insurance? If an Insurance agent approaches you and want to explain you about term insurance.  What will be the first question that comes to your mind when you think about any insurance Read more […]

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How to take benefit of credit card balance transfer

Credit Card is such a tempting facility provided by bank that generally person use it without considering repaying capacity or sometime there could be genuine situation where no other source of finance Read more […]

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Practical aspects of Letter of credit

In the corporate world , you might have heard the word “Letter of credit or LC” . LC is really wide subject. I have try to cover Practical aspects of Letter of credit. Trust me this post is very useful Read

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Deduction of Interest on Housing Loan in case of co ownership

Deduction of Interest on Home Loan:  IF home loan is taken for the purpose of purchase, construction, repair, renewal or reconstruction, interest there on is allowed on accrual basis under section 24 Read more […]

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Pre construction period Interest on housing Loan

As per section 24 of Income tax Act, 1961, Interest on borrowed capital is allowable as a deduction if capital is borrowed for the purpose of purchase, construction,repair, renewal or reconstruction of Read more […]

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Effects of Jantri rates on Capital Gains

Section 50 C of Income Tax Act,1961 was inserted from Finance Act, 2002 w.e.f. 1st April, 2003 which states that While transferring any land or building or both if full sale value consideration is less Read more […]

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