TDS rates Chart for FY 2013-14

TDS rates Chart for FY 2013-14 and AY (Assessment Year)2014-15 as per Finance Budget 2013, when recipient is resident.

Sr.No.SectionsNature of paymentsThreshold limit in Rs.Rates % for Individual/HUFRates % for Others
1192Income from SalarySalary income exceed exemption limit of IT (Taxable Income)Avg Income tax rate, SC 10% if net income exceeds Rs. 1 crore) ,EC:2%,SHEC 3%-
2193Interest on Debentures 5,000 10%10%
3194AInterest other than Interest on securities payable by bank 10,000 10%10%
4194AInterest other than Interest on securities payable by Others 5,000 10%10%
5194BWining from Lottery /Crossword Puzzles 10,000 30%30%
6194BBWining from Horse Races 5,000 30%30%
7194CPayments to contractors for single transaction 30,000 1%2%
8194CPayments to Sub contractors/Advertisements 30,000 1%2%
9194CPayments to contractors for aggregate transactions during FY 75,000 1%2%
10194DInsurance commission 20,000 10%10%
11194EEPayments out of deposits under NSS 2,500 20%-
12194FRepurchase of units by Mutual Fund/UTI 1,000 20%20%
13194GCommission on sale of lottery tickets 1,000 10%10%
14194HCommission or Brokerage 5,000 10%10%
15194IRent on Plant and Machinery,Equipment,Furniture,Fittings) 1,80,000 2%2%
17194 IRent other than P&M,Equipment,Furniture & Fittings 1,80,000 10%10%
16194IA #Payment to resident on transfer of Immovable property (other than agriculture land) 50,00,000 1%1%
18194JProfessional and Technical fees 30,000 10%10%
19194JAny remuneration or commission paid to director of the companyNIL10%10%
20194LACompensation on acquisition of immovable property 2,00,000 10%10%
21194LLAPayment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agriculture land (w.e.f 1st Oct,2012) Rs. 50 Lacs in case property is in a specified urban agglomeration, Rs.20 Lacs in case of Property is situated in any othe area. 1%1%


# Section 194IA is applicable from 1st Jun,2013. Kindly read our post “TDS on purchase of immovable property”  for better clarity .


1. In case deductee has not furnished PAN to deductor, TDS will be deducted at @20 % or  rate given in above table whichever is higher.

2. IF deductee  is located in notified jurisdictional area, tax is deductible at the rate given in above table or 30 % whichever is higher as per section 94(5).

How to use above TDS rates Chart for FY 2013-14:

Above table is very user-friendly and provide better navigation. You can search TDS section/Description in search box e.g. type “194C”, you will get TDS detail U/S 194C i.e. TDS relate to payment to contractor. You can decide to show 10, 25,50 or 100 rows at a time. You can take print out or take PDF version by selecting 100 rows (for all entries) and clicking on respective option which is available at the end of post. You can sort table. Hope you will like it!

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